Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ahh. This is nice.

Well, props be to Kevin for the set up. I shall reap the benefits of his labors by posting like a mad bastard, but I shall suffer none of the consequences. Life is grand. That is, it was until I got gas tonight on the way home and paid three freaking dollars for one gallon. The end of days is near.

Well, none of that has any relevance here. Please come join us on Friday at the Roundhouse as we open for a great local act, the inexorable Mike and Joe. Be nice to them and maybe they'll let us play with them again. Oh, and, should you get the time and/or the inclination, wouldst thou perhaps whisper a silent prayer for my index fingers, neither of which has any skin where I need it most. A temporary condition, to be sure, but no less inconvenient.


1 comment:

Shrinking Gail said...

WE my friends will reap the benefits of both(all) your labors. . . always have . . . funny how that's worked out. I'm not going to complain! :)
I will of course see you all Friday, I will have my bells and party hat on.