Monday, August 29, 2005

Aug. 27th, 2005 - Heritage Meadows Block Party

Saturday was laid back. Turns out the block party was for the block, who knew? Well, I guess we shouldn't have invited you, but thanks to those who showed. Chris got tied up with obligations, but Rick McComb showed up with congas and added a different dimension than we've grown accustomed to. Rick, you're the shit and thanks. We mostly played a lot of other people's tunes and seemed generally well recieved. We may have booked New Years out of the deal. We missed Chris exponentially. Talked about teeth on the break. Not even the mandolin that likes me wanted to be in tune.

On another good note, the sound was fantastic. Looking forward to Friday. Hope everything goes as well.


Anonymous said...

Did we get to obnoxious, and draw complaints. That trash can fell over on its own.

Anonymous said...

sorry if there were negative repercussions to our presence. for the record, greg's telling the truth. the trash can really did fall over on its own.

Raehan said...

Hi Kevin. I meant to respond to your comment last month, but then couldn't find it when I finally sat down to do it

Glad you are back up.