Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hey. It's been awhile.

Ah jest shewed up t'say HEY.

I also just showed up to attempt typing in an accent. Or maybe not really an accent--maybe more of a regional patois. How'd it come off? Too affected? Too stuffy?

Anyway, come on out to my house some Monday night and hang out with us. We were kinda rude to three or four guests last week; not intentionally, but the effect remains the same. We'd like to not do that to anyone anymore. Please come over.

Hope to see you there.


Jerry Simpson said...

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Bone said...

Why is it always me these assholes come after?

I notice there's a comment, so I get all excited, thinking that my little blog post has inspired someone to respond in kind, and instead I get this Internet dandruff. Poo.

Umgawa said...

I think Jerry Simpson doesn't quite grasp the fact that... I don't know, can any of the band's fans actually afford building a private road? Personally, I'd like one, running roughly parallel to I-90 from the O'Hare oasis to Irving Park Road, thus negating all of the major traffic that used to piss me off on my way into the city.

But I'd have to suggest turning on word verification in your comments preferences, just in case Jerry's a robot.

Bauler said...

All i have to say is that its all my fault...
I tried to think ahead and do the right things and it bite me in the ass.
sorry everybody involved.
I owe you a shot.

malachi trizec said...

your "accent" sounds like me when i'm drunk.