Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Please love us.

I just got through explaining how pathetic I am at my other blog - don't ask, seperation of blog and state - but if anyone come by here you could join the Yahoo! group at the right side of the screen and make me feel a little less dumb about starting it. We seem pretty popular over at the MySpace. That's pretty cool, right?

Last night Pat Goode came by practice and sat in. I forgot just how much I love the way he writes and plays. I fucked around and played a million dumb and poorly chosen notes trying to make him like me. I do shit like that, you know, then he jumped into Sweet Georgia Brown and made me feel dumb.

We should have recorded it.

I'm getting to the point where I really think we should go play a show. I'm gonna need the money here real soon. Oh, and it feels good.

But you do get worried that nobody will show up. All that frail artistic ego and shit. So half of me really wants to get all the work we've done out in front of folks and half is just plain scared. You practice and write and it's a part of you, your time and your thoughts, and if that tree falls in the forest and nobody gives a shit, well, it hurts.

But we're only slightly smarter than car speakers and we go out and invite the disappointment again. Hope to see you soon while we do it.


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Bone said...


Bone said...

Please rest assured that by fuckers I meant the spammers, not us.

Mary said...

LMAO at Bone!
... I guess that's what you get when you call yourself only slightly smarter than car speakers, Kev.

I wish were closer and could come to a show. But you already knew that. Glad you're going to keep doing it, despite the potential for disappointment (and the fuckers, lol).