Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Well, it's about time...

...for some thank-you's.

Thank you to Rick, for jamming with us and for your laughter and enjoyment. It means a lot, brother.

Thank you Theresa Marie Stevens (I love that whole rhyming thing) for joining us at practice and for your talents with photography. I hope you won't mind if we post a few pictures here. They're really great pictures, folks.

Thank you Sarah and Alex for your presence as well. The more the merrier, always.

Thank you Matt and Pat, for playing with us and making us that much more whole. We sincerely hope you both know how much you are loved, missed and appreciated. We also hope you'll jam with us soon and often.

Thank you, Brucki, for your continued support. It's nice just to know you're there to lean on.

Thank you, Jeff, for allowing us to use some server space for our website. Oh, and thanks for the website, too.

Thank you Greg and Krista. Just...thanks. You guys rock.

Thank you Cath, and Gail, and Mares, and Nat, and Eric, and Brian, and John and Jacob, and everybody else who showed up on Friday. You all know I play with my eyes closed, so if I don't mention you here, it's because I didn't see you. That has no bearing on how much we appreciate you being there.

Looks like we're gonna ride this strange torpedo all the way to the end, wherever that may be. After Friday night, we're all feeling like the trip will be longer and farther than even we thought. We hope you'll join us. There's always room in the Dragon for one more.

Come on out some Monday night and let us know what we're doing wrong (or right; trust us--we like praise much better than constructive criticism). Bring beer. Call one of us first so we know you're coming, but don't ask--just tell us and we'll make room on the couch. You'll have to fight Fender for a spot, though. (Don't worry--he caves easily.)

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