Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Interestingly enough I find our guest book at the website has been rendered useless by spammers. Feel free ot leave any and all comments here because we'd still love to hear from you. Looking forward to playing some shows and looking for some kind folk to help out getting us booked and helping us grow, please let us know if you can help out and what your talents are. I can think of about a half dozen things you can do to help out with little effort or time invested.

1. Ask your favorite pub to have us there. Ask a bunch of times. They probably haven't heard of us yet, so get some friends to ask, too. Then let us know that you planted that seed and we'll follow up.

2. Call College stations and request us. Most college stations have less format restrictions (less payola) and ergo more freedom to play what they want. Again, let us know and we'll follow up.

3. Come see us play. Pay the cover. It's usually the price of the first drink and it translates into our paycheck. When we have money, we can do a lot more. Also, the more drinking folks that show up the easier it is for us to get good bookings in places we'd all rather be at. So (here's an easy one)

4. Drink more at shows. But please be safe about it. I mean it.

5. Tell some friends, family and coworkers. Burn a couple of CDs and give them away. If you ask we'll give you some to give away.

6. Visit the website. Lots of traffic there helps us with our press kit and, again, gets us into better spots.

7. Link to us from your own sites. We don't care if you ask our permission or not.

I think we got a good thing going. I don't want you to bullshit anybody, just if you feel good about us, tell somebody. Some folk won't dig what we do, but some will. One last thing -

8. Keep in contact with us and share your own talents with us. We are happy to post your writing and artwork or whatever. We'll link to you. The biggest and best reason we do this is to keep meeting great people. We don't want to get rich, just be able to support our doing this.

Yeah, all the meeting people is the best part. I think there's a whole lot of assheads in the world, but we seem to keep being blessed with meeting the true cream of the human crop.

So give us a reason to keep doing this and say hello. Otherwise we can just stay home with the good folks we already know, and that's fun, but this is just a little more so.


Eddie Willers said...

Kevin, you guys interested in playing at Don's in Sandwich? I still have a few connections there.

Kevin said...

I could be persuaded. Is this the Tom? Come see us some time soon.