Saturday, February 11, 2006

The eighteenth.

The First rule of Tiger Club is you do not talk about Tiger Club.
The Second Rule of Tiger Club is you DO NOT talk about Tiger Club.

Thanks Bill.


Bone said...

Yeah, well, I talk about Tiger Club every damn chance I get, Brad Pitt be damned.

Unknown said...

So, it's cool for me to mention the Tiger Club to all of my closest collegues and friends?

Just kidding.

Eddie Willers said...

Kev, how did you guys end up, playing at the El Tigre club? A word of warning, we played a gig there recently, the median age was just up the hill from Moses. They were nice people though and the band got to drink for free. Just bone up on a couple of polkas and you'll do fine!

A particularly feisty octogenarian grabbed my ass while her husband fumbled with his oxygen tank.

A good time was had by all.