Saturday, March 04, 2006


As an after thought I realized that I shouldn't be cruel to a band I've only heard samples of on their website. Please go and visit and make up your own mind, It's just that I hate all of these shows and glorified Karoake groups we have out here. If you find this, Covergurl, it's not about you, You guys might be great, not to mention the market drives decisions when you make a living at music-which I believe y'all are, you have to give 'em what they want. I'm not really upset about the band, but that the first thing I hear is that you're hot. I really hope there's some market for us ugly cats . Like the 'Mats put it; "we're not much to look at so, close your eyes and here we go.."

So, I'm sorry, but I'm not taking it down unless Bill or the band threatens legal action. I'm not that great a songwriter, but I'm trying and I don't want to be remembered for the covers I did. I wish there was an audience for aspirations of art and challenges to our definitions or that out here in the suburbs. It's a little funny, but I am serious. Covergurl, let's have lunch (and not just Jessica, but the musicians who are most likely extremely talented but forced into that shadow) and write some songs and get drunk and trade those songs that move us, not just the ones that sell. Let's get some beers and show the whole damn burb's what those instruments are for.

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