Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm not as crappy a mandolin player as I thought.

Jay and I went out to the Northern Illinois in Naperville bluegrass thing last night and sat in with some very talented folk who had the distinct pleasure of handing us our own asses. Well, my ass, anyway. Jay is the lizard king and can do anything. Actually, I felt pretty good about what I did and I got to put my hands on a few instruments worth over $20, 000. I still like my shitty little utility knives, but I have my eye on a beauty of a straight razor from Dale Ludewig. He's a great guy, too. I hear there's a jam at the House in DeKalb that I just may need to crash soon. It's about damn time we learn some actual bluegrass.

On a side note, The website's down pending our renewal of the thing. Years just keep racing by; does anyone remember when summer vacation took forever? It's just so easy to watch these minutes accelerate and forget just what everyone of them is worth. Breathe deep, y'all, and go give somebody a hug.

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