Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thanks, in brief.

First I need to send out the very biggest thank you imaginable to Abby Eggleston for all of the wonderful work she's done. All of the posters and pictures we've been using are from her head and well beyond our stupid visual imaginations. Abby, you're wonderful and we appreciate you more than we can say. I just wish we were a little prettier subjects to better highlight your talents.

The Growlers, Maria Sharpe-McLary, Todd Kessler, Sarah, Matt & Nat, Gail, and the rest of the band gave me about the best night a person can have last Wednesday. I wish I had recordings and pictures, but I think that Jay said it right to me when he said that the rafters in his house will sing the memory of that night until they tear the house down. That night's gonna move in me for a long time and I'm afraid that pictures would be a sad testament to the evening. Thanks to everyone who came out and let's do it again soon.

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Mary said...

Lookin' good, guys.