Sunday, April 30, 2006

(Reprint) Optimism

Last night was a really good time. We were five year jacket for an evening, but I guess we always are. And we're small shiny things, too. It's almost like we all belong. I'd like that.

In my book we all belong. Fuck all the other books-I'm writing a good one.

If you came, thanks. If you came and took pictures send 'em to me at smallshinythings at yahoo dot com. Hell, send me random pictures, like you and your aunt at the zoo. I love that shit. Everyone reading this should send me a picture. Hopefully a few naked ones and a few of people having sex come.


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Panthergirl said...

How about me and my sister at the Aquarium?

Kevin, I'm sorry I haven't been by in ages. But I am happy to see that you sound happy...always a good thing. Enjoy your busy summer, and I promise to check in more often.

Boston said...

I am so tempted to send real pictures and blow your mind:) Drop me a line and let me know how you're getting along. Some days, the urge to grab a mandolin and fly to Chicago hits me...then some friggin' phone call brings me back. Take care, Kiddo!