Saturday, June 03, 2006

pity not this busy monster

And, you see, ever the yin to Jay’s yang (and you should see Jay’s yang), I absolutely hate this time of year. I try to avoid everyone all April. I’ll tell you; that keeps getting easier and easier. All of the inner turmoil of my early 20’s evaporated (thank god) and the tantrums and pigheadedness that remain have lost their boyish charm. I’ve been lucky enough to face this reckoning. But April’s long gone and then May and now June and now Jay gets to ride and I just sit and sweat and bitch about it. I’m riding this curve into summer fat. Don’t send me any pictures of myself until I do some sit-ups.

And speaking of my capricious youth, I’m sliding into my 30’s pretty easily. I was sitting on Greg and Krista’s back patio last weekend listening to their neighbors fight and realizing that if I never have some passion that makes me lose my head ever again I’ll be ok with it. I’m letting that part of me that felt like rage and excitement was a good idea die a slow, natural death. It’s very cool with me. I’m drinking iced tea at an alarming rate. I’m thinking about sit-ups and not doing any. I’m writing some songs and blowing my breath into some old ones. To be honest it’s not just my breath. Thank you Matt McCain and his patient and lovely bride for joining us these days and putting the piss back in “wicked pisser”. Of course the rest of the gents bring the amazing things they always bring.

My birthday’s coming up and some of my usual shithead nostalgia is bugging me. All those parts of me looking backward and wondering can get solidly in the way of my forward motion. And the velocity is a comfortable disease. I’m excited about the directions we’re taking and a couple of other projects on my plate. It’s the summer party tour for us, Pat Goode has approached me with some things to do, I still want to record “Illinois”, The folks in Pawnshop might have a couple of nights for me to join them and I love work. If you didn’t make the last show at the Venice, Pawnshop does this ska rock thing amazingly and you missed a very cool thing. I’m sure we’ll get together with them again and I look very forward to doing some stuff with them-if they’ll have me.

Fuck it,

Goodnight. I’ve been ambitious enough for on day.

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