Monday, July 31, 2006

for all the horrible shit I actually say, there's always a lot I'd like to say, but don't.

I think that for all of the snobbery of playing in large cities, they have one thing figured out; It's pretty unnatural to expect anyone to listen to one band for 4 hours straight. That's not that terrible a thing to say, but I think it should be said. Especially when that band is playing a bunch of tunes you've never heard before.

But this suburban thing sucks in many ways. I hate that all the places we seem to play want cover bands and fucking tribute crap. That's just too easy-to take songs someone else sweat over writing and arranging and working their ass off to get in front of a few folks and convince them that they were worth hearing, steal the fuckers, co-op them and sell them like they're something they have a right to. Either write, interpret or shut the fuck up. I'm at a point where we should play a few things recognizeable just to keep things accessably, but taking someone else's work and making a living of it is cowardice, an ability to imitate I'm sure is talent on some level, but nothing I aspire to.

If you want to hear someone else's songs the way they play them, go buy their album.

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