Sunday, July 23, 2006

I hate churches, but this is a bit much.

The skyline farm will be gone tomorrow morning. I can't say how it makes me feel, but it's not good. I have a lot of memory invested in that place and that's no where near what some have. I guess a part of me is glad that it's one of the few places that will be destroyed before all the good things ran out, but we had some amazing times and I know that the fucking church that will soon stand on that land can never come any where near the kind of living and glorification of life that we did there. Embalm it if you must, but we know, we remember what life if for and how to do it. Y'all can talk about it, but don't fucking bother me-I got some actual living to do.

Let's find another place and invest in it like we did there; nothing can deprecate the memory we have.

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Bauler said...

well said.