Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Therapy

So if you've never been to a Wednesday night practice at Jay's house I would strongly suggest that you pay them a visit. The collaboration between Todd Kessler and Small Shiny Things blows my mind most nights but last night was a Goosebump maker. I never in my life thought that I could hear 1000 times over sound like it did last night. Hearing every guitar, key and drum, every rhythm, feeling the song travel throughout your body. You may think I'm exaggerating, rereading this it sounds like it, but I exaggerate not. That is exactly how I felt. Such musical minds collaborating on songs makes for such amazing music. The harmonies alone that Kevin, Matt, Todd, Jay, Ron, and yes even Chris make for a sound that's comparable to eating your favorite desert on a beach in the arms of someone you love. That's my comparison anyway.

Wednesday nights, at least for me, are therapy. They center me and reestablish the feeling of friendship and family. The feeling that no matter how lonely, depressed, or sad I am...I have Wednesday nights and that fixes me. Maybe it shouldn't, maybe it's too much to ask of the guys but it's what I need and I think they get it, I believe they understand why.

So I guess I think everyone should have the experience of Wednesday nights at least once. If you don't have fun or think the same way as me...I'll pay your gas money to get home.

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Kevin said...

and your latest creations are fantastic. Thanks.