Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Now with 40% more Gail...

“Now with 40% more Gail”
I love it. Jessi says that I only like it because it has to do with me. Hell yeah, everyone likes some positive attention and of course we’re talking about me which means I like LOTS of positive attention. But it does put some pressure on me. Will I disappoint anyone with what I write? Now this comes with the knowledge that I have full freedom and really no limitations. I tend to create my own limitations though. I’m really excited about the things that are happening lately. I have the most amazing idea for some “Small Shiny Jewelry” and a multitude of other ideas floating around in my head. Intrigued by the “Small Shiny Jewelry”? Good that’s the point. I just really hope that my vision translates in person. What is in my head doesn’t always turn out the same when I make it although usually evolves into something better or equally as good.

Well I guess that’s all really, I just wanted to share my excitement over things to come. I just can’t wait to start creating what I’m visualizing in my head. Tonight…Yes I will start tonight.

Thank you to Kevin for getting me involved, always including me, and putting up with me!
Y'all are Faaaaantastic! And I plan on having some fun with it all!

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