Sunday, September 17, 2006


I'm writing because I just sent out an Email with this address on the bottom and I've not put anything up here in weeks that was even remotely related to SST, except that I'm in the band and it's all related to me. Wonder why I think that my thoughts will be interesting?

So I figure I'll update on what's going on in our world. We've been playing back up to Todd Kessler. It's a hootnanny and actually challenging on many levels to take a more subordinate role than we're used to. It' s easy to get spoiled when you're the best band in the universe-well according to my sources we'll be the best band in the universe. I don't go for all that prognostication shit, though, I believe in positive thinking and I will maintain that if you're drunk enough, we're the best thing ever.

Have I ever mentioned here that I adore alchohol? I can make myself pretty or prophet given enough of the hooch. I have drunk myself pretty many a time. This just might be redundant, but I think everyone should go out and fuel the economy with a Replacements album purchase or two. I recommend Tim or Pleased to Meet Me, but you use your discretion.

We talk an awful lot about recording. I dare say, we are better at talking about recording than many bands with talent or budget. I think we could be the best at this in our genre. I hope I'm not boasting. When we record I hope to lock ourselves in a studio for six months to a year and emerge with a masterpiece of excess and art.

I like Jim Beam, but alm ost anything will do in a pinch.

I don't think I could ever truly love someone who didn't like Tom Waits. I think I could fuck them and not call them again, but not really love them. I may have once fallen for a girl that didn't get him, but that for sure explains why that's over. I doubt it had anything to do with my lack of ambition or income. I know they say that these things are factors, my lack of interest in them as people or my drifting away, or the suspicion that they have to compete with Sam Adams and Jim Beam for my affections; but these are trifling. Poor polemics. The true issue was a decided lack of appreciation or the great Tom Waits.

We're playing a few shows in the next few weeks and you can look forward to swagger and swill at both The Lower Deck in Aurora on Sept. 22 and at the Venice Tavern in Batavia the following Friday, Sept. 29.

I just got a new computer and this is so nice.


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Panthergirl said...

Now I'm really bummed that my son didn't get to meet you in Chicago. He's a huge Tom Waits fan (and has been since about age 4, which is only 7 years ago for him). His dad loved Waits and would play him constantly in the car.

Ever see a five year old WEEP while listening to music, because he can understand the pain in the words? Me neither. Until mine.