Friday, October 06, 2006


Dear fuck shit. A weekend off is pretty well needed. I may even stay off the sauce. What the world needs now is not Kev stumbling through bars with a belly full of beer. But it's Friday night and I'm here kinda lonesome and pretty blue and very bored. Beer beckons and I'm not the strongest at resisting thirst. But I just found out I have a good heart and Iall this shithead nostalgia may, in fact, indicate some sort of decent part of me.

Alright enough with that crap. I read it back and it's starting to sound like an alchoholic William Carlos Williams.

this is just to say

I drank that tecate

that was next to the lettuce. Sorry,

but it fucked me up and tasted


So cold, so effective.

See y'all in a few weeks. I just got word that after 15 years I'm gonn get to play a show with Liam and his merry whatevers. I know Matt's done it a few times, but I never have and I'm excited. Of course this means theyure getting the album out after way too long. Date's not solid, I'll get it here when it is.

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Shrinking Gail said...

Well I'm a little glad you didn't stick to the no drinky drink this weekend. Otherwise I wouldn't have a hunk-o-kevin under my nail to save and worship nightly.