Wednesday, October 18, 2006

here i go again

caring about things i'd be better not to. worrying. too lazy and tired tonight to use the shift key.

we done good last night. i was not at a personal best, but perhaps i'm just not used to being absorbed so completely into a greater sound. it would do me well to be less seperatist. chris became a man. ron lost his car. gail needed to be talked into the hanger. matt & nat were home and naked by 2:30. i dunno 'bout jay or todd or me for that matter. gee, pat was in fine spirits. good to see you, brother. phil stopped out. yeah. nice. nat brought her sister and please go check out Bus (formerly big pretty and the red rockets).



Shrinking Gail said...

And you didn't even have to bail me out of jail! All's well that ends well. (as the saying goes) I Found Bus (finally) and will be ordering a CD promptly.(ment to tues. I forgot) Damn entertaining.

Unknown said...

Damn entertaining to me too and U-R linked!