Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Tiger Club tonight and an unseasonable warm November.

Oddly it's a show like this that I get tremendously excited about. We can do about anything we want. Marky always takes care of us like we're kings and it's not every week we're famous again. I look froward to a great group of folks showing up for revelry and cheap drinks. I pray everyone is safe this evening and I hope to see everybody there. I think there should be some folks I've not seen in a long while and old friends are always happy spots in life.

As for the rest of things currently going around like a cold, We've got a show at Doug's in Aurora on Dec. 9th and a benefit in a very subordinate role on the 15th. I guess I'd get more details out if I gave a shit about it, but I'm pretty anti charity and I don't even know the cause. Maybe it's a good one. I don't fucking care. Maybe it's the situation that annoys me Either way, We'll see you around at some of these, I'm sure. Oh, yeah, very, very not least We'll do a New Years thing @ the Venice in Batavia the night before New Years Eve. That aught to be straight. I'll get the details out on that as they come in.

I feel like rabbit shit today. There's something wrong with the whole lower GI and perhaps Sam Adam's Winter Lager played a role in that. It was Gail's birthday and therefore excuseable. I'm never sorry I had a good time. If you're not down you could be. Come out and let us know you exist still and we'l let you know our personal appearance schedule (drinking venues). The place lately is Tavern downtown as shitdicks took over our bar. Sorry for the vulgarity, but I invested a lot of time and consumption and money and now it's just a place all the drunks go to get drunker.

You know, you can be a drunk and not turn into something mindless with bad breath and nothing to say. Work on it or you'll never be down. Enjoying life requires a certain awareness of it. I've no love for those numb and dumb drunks. Bring me poets and painers and people making this place better or prettier or interesting.

Which begs me to just say it:

We're getting old. We're slowing down and breathing harder at the top of steps. We're tired and we worked all day. We have lives out side of bars and loves to tend. It doesn't mean we need to fade out completely, you know. The people that have made our lives worth living are still as important as ever and still sometimes aching for some connection. I know I don't look for it in some stupid girl anymore, or at the bottom of the glass. I'm older and slower and smarter. I know where's it's at and where to get it. Always in each other. The physical connections aren't as important as our true bonds. Come out sometime and let's reset them.

I'll say it one more fucking time. If we haven't spoken (or even met yet), I probably wish we had.


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