Monday, December 18, 2006

Day 1

Went very well. I actually expected to have more trouble with the click track than we did. I figured that Unarmored would be a bastard with the click and it was. In the second verse it turs the downbeat around midway through and I kept hearing the down in the "wrong" spot and sweating where the hell I was, but we made it with very little worry.

It's nice how flensing these songs tends to really reveals the nature of the song. I'm hearing which songs need a little less clothing. I hear KT opening up into the stark naked wound that I want it to be. Of course Matt played directly to the songs, laying down a great skeleton. 3 Tracks framed-KT, Unarmored and "I Love You in Blue". The latter will be symphonic when dressed and I look forward to hearing it.

No Drama, very little gas, no drunken arguments. Sorry, I'll try to pick a fight with Matt Wednesday and make this exciting.

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