Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day 2

Much Tenser. Sweet. I hate that I like tension. I guess it was a tougher night. The tracks swing a little harder and that makes the click a bit harder to pilot; so there was that frustration. Matt and I disagreed some of the time and I know there was some offense taken when Jay fell asleep and the rest of us were trying to do some good work and the support was not available.

Tony is awesome, amazing focus and ears. Focus tends to sift the good from the great, and Tony (Montana-the engineer and producer) has been forward with his thoughts on the performances without being at all offensive. His concentration is unparalleled. He's hearing everything.

We're changing a few arrangements in studio, which takes a shitload of skill and talent and I think Matt's rising to it amazingly. I had one change to make (the end of Miranda) and I blew it on the scratch, so my hat's off to the Matt.

RD got in front of the red light last night-rose to it amazingly. We forget that he's got great time. Sorry RD.

Chris is Chris. you can count on him. I've never seen anyone so comitted to hearing everything. I hope Gail got pictured of "The Chris Playback Face."

Talk to y'all next week.

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