Thursday, December 28, 2006

Day 3

Put the main drum tracks to bed. I have the honor of having made the first big fuck up of the disc that will stay-fortunately it works. After burning the hair off of Ron and Chris' asses for an evening of run through I decided to fuck up the scratch track on Song. I'm glad it did something good and I guess I'm happy to embarass myself if it betters the whole.

I hear more and more of where this is going and I'm excited. All of these arrangements are growing quickly. I thought I had a better grip on the direction this was taking than I do. I'm learning as I go and loving it unfolding.

Tony steped in and saved Song from stagnancy. Matt got stuck on the part and Tony jumped in with Ideas, I guess this is what seperates a engineer from a producer. Thanks.

I think the whole thing got recorded, Matt brought a mini recorder, so look forward to some outtakes and such on out upcoming podcast.

Over all this is pretty fucking cool, growing like this.

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Eddie Willers said...

Kevin, can't wait to hear the new recording. I'm enjoying the session blow by blow, any idea when the podcast will be available?

Your initial post said you weren't looking forward to the process, but it sounds like you're enjoying the ride and happy with the way things are turning out so it must be really good.

I just wanted to let you know we're out here, break a leg! tom