Tuesday, January 30, 2007

7 & 8

Drama! Finally and it took me over a week to get to it. Matt's a goddamn prick. So am I. I guess it comes down to a discussion about who we are and my feeling that we are greater than the sum of those parts. Maybe not, but I guess I tend to think that the best record of who we are right now is the best we can do collectively.

Either way, in all of this post game discussion we have either settled things or found some ground to call a truce. There was, however, at one point, a motherfucker of an argument. Sorry you missed it. Let me give you the run down:

"fuck this"
"No, Fuck you!"
"Eat the peanuts out of my stool"
"I hate everything you stand for and hope you get ass cancer"
"Well, I hope you do, too"
"I'm leaving"
"Then go"
"I mean it, shit eater"
"If you leave, I'll leave first and then hate you for making me do it"
"I think you hate babies and Santa and Freedom"
"Most fucking likely"

And on and on for a good long while with Tony looking on. Poor Tony.

You know all he ever does to us is say things like "no" and "alright" and we torture the guy.

Things are really pretty groovy all around. I've been quiet with a sad, sick case of the busies. I keep thinking of all the things to say here and then just not saying them. Typing sucks with a smoke in one hand.

I can't pull a thought together to save all the sock babies in my old high school. Sorry. And I'm sorry that I hate your friends' band, Cathy (even with a friend in it). I still do, (and I told Justin) but I shouldn't say it, I guess. Momma didn't raise me right or something. I was just being fussy over an over-crowded bar.

I truly wish I could get away with those kind sobriquettes from our youth. Fussy. Husky. (I'm starting to get a little husky, again.) Just tired. I want to cry to get my way and act like a prick and just say "it's that age." I'm 32. It's a tough age.

None of this is remotely on point, but RD makes his first keepable appearance tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks to these guys for making this with me, for letting me make this with you, for caring as much as you do and for not asking about my father very much. I'm not much of a feelings kinda guy.

Thanks for everyone reading this. Say something, will ya?

While you're thinking of things to say, we said plenty-over here. Disc will follow. Matt is a madman and a dreamer, enjoy his labor.

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Greg said...

Something! Alright I said it. Podcast is awesome. Matt has a great voice for Radio. Sorry about Saturday, the bar really did suck. Call me we will try another go this weekend.