Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Day 4

Apparently the bass will go as quickly as the drums did. I've know Jay for 8 years or so now, and I've never seen him like this. Focused and in the pocket, enjoying himself and full of ideas-I guess he's always like this, but last night was to superlative effect.

So Matt, Chris and I are outside having a smoke and Matt made the observation that we're learning these songs in here and I couldn't say it any better. If you listen to Jay's bass work with the cans off, all alone they sound like they can't possibly work. They zig where they should zag and they just cannot fit into the song, but amazingly they fall into the tunes like puzzle pieces.

Chris made me want to hump him. He owns glass like he gave birth, and I guess he did, but this labor seems to be lasting a long time for him. CB, I understand this pain and the isolation of the ownership and how wonderful these things both are. I can't imagine that any of us will leave Tony's basement the same, and not to make this a big, dumb thing, but I feel like this could be the first time I've been realized as a player and these songs; any thing I've written; are living.

Thanks to Chris and Jay and Matt for owning these and giving them a chance to grow up for the first time ever. I know I'm a cranky fuck and all that, but this is all I've ever wanted. I'm having the best time I ever have with music. I can't wait to share this and if even a small perecentage of the love, talent and focus put into this recording is etched on this hard drive, if those ghosts are able to live on this recording then everyone will hear it.

I'm giddy. We're gonna give out millions of these. I mean it.

So, on that note, if anyone finds this and wants to throw a decent paying gig at us, it would help pay the bills and make this happen. I'm starting to think about names for this and how we'll get the art together. I hate money, but we need some. I'm slightly less worried about this as I am about my upcoming perfomances-and I'm shitting bricks on that one.

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Shrinking Gail said...

You didn't call, I didn't either. Sounds like a productive night...sorry I missed it. I will call today.
love ya