Sunday, February 11, 2007

9 & 10 & two for the show.

I miss Gail. She's got a wednesday class and has been very absent of late. We're getting all the guitars down for the CD and It's been a process of re-learning and re-arranging that I enjoy a lot. I enjoy arguing about what will happen. I care about this way more than politics or religion, a little heated discussion seems natural; I just hope everyone else can take this in the intended spirit.

Friday's show was fun. I was intoxicated as always. I seem to get drunk and not know just how fucked up I am until the adrenaline stops. I guess I could apologize for myself, but I'm really only sorry that I didn't help load out. I never do. I should state that I feel bad about that. I don't mind the work, even, I'm just drunk when we play. Sorry for that; again.

See everyone in a week or so. Thanks for coming out last Friday and I hope we all get some drinks and share some songs again. Soon.

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Shrinking Gail said...

ditto. I should have a plethera of new pictures up tomorrow. 4 rolls full....lets see! :o)