Sunday, February 25, 2007

I think endorsements are the ticket to traffic beyond our wildest dreams.

I have made the monumental decision to switch to light strings on my mandolins. I still like the medium gauge on guitars, but I'm finding my playing just a little cleaner with light on the shorter scale.

I'm also taking a step back to smoking Kings. I continue my unpaid endorsement of Winston Lights, but for a little while I will be smoking kings again, altruistically. I am donating my empty packs to This fine company in hopes of free shit. I'd like to donate bottle caps to these guys, but they don't answer e-mail.

Any one else I already use can contact me about endorsements. I'd prefer the ones where I get paid or compensated with free stuff. I'd like to use Ludewig Mandolins exclusively. That was less a cry for free stuff as an intention to buy if I ever can afford the fine, fine work of this really great guy. I hope to see him soon, as well.

After close to a month my NonCast connection has been repaired, somehow after all of their assurances that it was my problem and having set up an entirely new wireless network at home they sent an email to Bucket that the line issue locally was fixed. Next, I call and get this month paid.

Not that any of this is a big deal to any one but myself, but I sure like to let everyone know how I'm doing.

Oh; times at Spiral Groove (Tony's Studio) are outstanding. If you don't get RD in the first few takes it becomes a series of efforts to distract him from realizing he's recording. I don't know if it's red light fever or not. Perhaps it's a natural extension of who he is-eager to please. No criticism tonight, though. Bucky is our very finest. Time like a clock and the taste of someone with extremely good taste.

All in all, the tunes are dressing up nicely. Rick McComb came by last Wednesday and saw the minutia that is our recording process. Y'all better like this thing. We've talked about it way too much and Gail took pictures and there's movies and we're really working pretty hard.

Talk to you as soon as I have a chance. My Dad's pretty sick and it keeps fucking snowing and I have to make a living.

See you March seventeenth-that's when we play with Loukeelium at the Tiger Club. That'll be a night.

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