Friday, February 16, 2007

On the road, but just me and Todd. Not together, even.

There's a lot of things out here in Las Vegas. Mostly people, lights and what passes for music. I should update on the last few studio dates and what I remember of the Ernie McCann's show, but I'm a little distracted being in Nevada during the all star game. I wish that was why I'm in town but I'm not one of the cool kids. I guess I'll figure out what I'm doing later on when Michelle gets here, til then I'm just typing without point.

I was here for a very large real estate convention. Keller Williams Inernational-the company RD and I work for. Good stuff, actually. I would imagine it sounds dry, but if you're into this kinda thing (and I am) it's actually a pretty good time. I am, however, a little over loaded with the people factor. Really the only time I get into large groupd is when I know everyone or they me. Like shows. I enjoy a big crowd there. I'm not going to feel bad about it anymore. If there isn't some small amount of Kev adulation involved in the group, I pretty much prefer home or time with a few friends. So while you all long to get to know me, sorry I'm passing out after the show and until the site is up and running, you'll not get to know me any better.

There is hope, though. We're going to play a few shows coming up next month, both reasonably local, and we're working on April plans as well. And wouldn't it be nifty if we had CDs and various other paraphrenology to hand out then as well? Maybe.


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