Sunday, March 11, 2007

this is meant to be an interactive experience.

Now I know you fuckers read this. What? You have nothing to say? Consider yourself on notice.

Also consider this notice of Saturday's show. We're playing with Liam and Luke in a large, clean room with very reasonable drink prices (cheap) and good friends. I hope you come and I hope you dance.

Now tell me how your day was.


Nat said...

my day...lil tired, my eyes hurt (i need new contacts) and can't wait to workout when i get home.

mediterranean has been the theme for meals lately and i'm making some eggplant patties. what kind of protein do you eat w/ eggplant?

(you asked!!)

much love,

mrs. broken light fixture hahaha

oh and PS i can't wait for saturday's show!!!!!

Shrinking Gail said...

I might be moving into a tumor attached to a normal looking house.