Sunday, March 25, 2007

what's up.

I'm verbose and lonesome tonight. A couple nights not sleeping and I become a little reticent and maudlin. I'm trying not to let that leak into this.

Here's the state of the union. Playing this Weekend (friday) and hope to see everyone at The Venice Tavern. We should be sharing the evening, but I'm not sure with who-there's some ideas flying around. Played a great show with Loukeelium last weekend. I love Liam's songs and I love the folks they bring with. It made for some good energy.

Recording is bountiful. Friends are everywhere and we're getting the vocals put on. That and some good guitar. Cris is awesome and so prepared it makes me cry.

I don't wanna talk anymore. All the things I can think of suck to say.

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Shrinking Gail said...

Okay! Now I understand. Natalie said "see you Friday" and I was like "huh, what's going on Friday?" I guess now I know. It's a good thing I wander on here. Can we celebrate my promotion on Friday....I'd like to celebrate. I don't think I've ever really got promoted before. I like it, it feels good. Kinda like when someone wiggles it around till the stuff comes out. :o)