Wednesday, April 18, 2007


By now most of you have figured out that I use these pages as exercise. Rather the prelude to exercise much of the time; a kind of warm up. See I fancy myself a writer and I can assure you that ego attaches itself to this notion quite well, so I need the audience (or hope thereof) to feel like it's an effective warm up.

Having just outlined the precise phylum of arrogant asshole I am, I continue.

I had stated some grand concept of the diary of an album, but being a bit in debt of attention I abandoned that. I was so very strong out the gate, but interest waned and I ran off and quit like I did little league.

To be fair I have had some more on my plate than typical, but I hate excusing myself and I digress.

We're now a good three quarters of the way through-I hope. We overshot the expected release date and might do it again, but it's really something to be proud of. I always find myself annoyed by interviews with artists who discuss the process and motivations and I have hoped to be vague about these things. They always trade in superlatives and tell you this is their best work when that's really not for them to decide. It's always ends up in some court of opinions that are uninformed to the intentions and can never know how close they came to what they intended and quality being so subjective; well, who the fuck knows.

What I can say is that this is only work in name. It's been fun even through our most extreme arguments and disagreements. It's been our most sincere endeavor and I hope when it finds you it comes as naked and as honestly as it was made.

Whatever you find it to be, "whether worthless or wanted, it's all that we got" and we're getting damned close to what we meant. There is 6 strong backed sources of input and there are 6 distinct voices. We are doing our very best and I can't wait for you to hear it.

I'm impatient with it, not with ennui, but in anticipation.

That said and all caveats aside, we're fininshing bringing in the hired guns (Todd and Pat), we're almost done with backing vocals and clean up and frosting remain before mixdown. Tony has joined the band and plays his instrument(s) well. His production is amazing and I hope he doesn't think that our veto says anything other than "grab a chair, you're part of the furniture".

Now is a good time to ask any questions about it, I'm in a giving mood; just don't ask when. We'll know when it's done and the time will be then. Thanks for your patience.

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