Friday, May 11, 2007

RE: your christmas card with the family picture on the front and the family newsletter enclosed-

Bucket and I are wonderful, truly great and almost certainly better than you could hope to be. Now I don't mean to brag, and I hope this isn't taken as such but we had a GREAT year! (See attached 2006 tax returns)

The dogs are well. Sarah still has the seizures, but she looks so cute shaking uncontrollably! And 99 is almost human in so many ways! Boog and I are daily grateful that She's barren and I shoot blanks, these pups are so giving and lovely. Neither of the dogs seemed to eat their own frozen shit this winter, either!

I'm peeing so much better that the prostate has almost surely shrunk by now, I see the doctor next Thursday for the ol' fingii up the anii! The bowels have moved regularly every week save the second week of February (too much cheese, ya know, ;P) and if you have your health you have so much!

Bucket moved departments at work! This has been great for both of us, her with new things to hate and me gaining patience not having to hear the same complaints!

My drinking is so much more controllable these days! I haven't peed on anything inappropriately in several weeks! I mean it! People seem to be less angry at me than usual to boot!

It's so nice with winter past! Hope all of you are well!





Bone said...

Sarcastic prick.

Jen said...

it's not hard to be's honesty that stings

Kevin said...

would you like it re-posted with absolute honest?

Kevin said...