Sunday, June 17, 2007

time time time time time

This is a maintenance fuck. You know, where you're not really in love or you've had some down cycle of interest in everything but you know you'll lose more if you show it? That kind of thing.

Not that I'm not currently in love with this project and the guys I share it with, I'm just dividing time with catching up with friends and meeting some new people and generally trying not to feel without any chemical cures.

This goes with my concept of the ultimate vain website I will put together when I free up the money. There will be a section just to update folks on what I'm doing at any given moment. Maybe I'll start a Where's Kev series of posts here.

Today, at home watering the flowers I planted yesterday. I gotta grow something or I'll bust. Everything keeps dying and I'm a little pissed at the world, but flowers are safe and somewhat reliable. I hand water just to show the world how committed I still am to making this life happen. And it won't happen without y'all. You know.

I say it a lot: I probably miss the hell out of you. I don't want to talk about it. Give me a call and we'll grab a beverage.

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