Sunday, July 22, 2007

W/ Loukeelium

This is a default post and a second choice and in the interest of destroying symmetry. I do that, you know.

To explain in my tedious way: I have strong filth at the other hole and 180 posts in there to the 80 here. Half to preserve and half to push something off a perch.


Today I could write an ocean of words and my head is reeling and jigging like it only does when the world leaves me slow-eyed and sad. There is enough rattling around in this can for 6 books on 7 subjects, with footnotes and tangents like tree branches. Perhaps a tree is what I need. make it an oak.

I haven't been here in a while and I'm not finding the tempo of this page. They're distinct, you know, if only to me. This is not meant to be so shy, or bold for that matter. I don't talk about the dark things or the dirty things here like I tend to elsewhere. I think this is some hint about myself, but I can't say why or how. I'm in full voice, sorry. This belongs in another room.

Last night was wonder. Yeah we played well until RD busted a nut, but there's a whole lot more moving below these sheets. (Ahhhh, god and groan, I believe some blood is returning to the extremities lately, never talk meat to a guy on a hunger strike and never say sheets to yourself on

Below the surface. Right. Sorry about that. You can't see me and be grateful. I had to go wipe my brow like an old man. Below. I'm back.

There's been a lot of little pin points where we're turning lately. A lot of adjustments made to find a course. We're on it again I pray. I'm watching us all find the same road from very different starting places and I'm astonished and blessed. If you find this Matt, RD, Bone and Bauler-I love you all a ton.

I mean it. Everything.

So we turned into a whole just this week and it was hard won and well worth the time and trouble. It stopped being five of us and became one of us. That's tremendous and I'm so proud to be here. It's not about where the song came from, but where it's going. Don't look down.

And you, dear reader, should take some moments on some evening and watch it all unfold. I don't know where we're gonna end up. This is a good time to ask. Back to the CD, there's a reason for it again.

We'll be at the Lower Deck for the First time in a long time and We'll be there with Loukeelium. They bring us wonderful places. Come out Friday-It's this Friday, it's the 27th and get there around 8:30 when they start. They're worth it. It's a band I'm happy to play with and proud to know and blessed to listen to. If you don't get it I can't help you. We're in the middle of their opening and closing and we'll do you proud, boys.

See you then. Sorry for the notice, this just came up.

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