Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's been a long, long, long time.

Sorry for the neglect here, there's been activity and that is the enemy of this kinda posting shit. Not actual activity, mind you. Not the kind you can look at and see how we're doing.

Just to be sure you haven't forgotten us or assumed we have you, I'm back here-a month or so late-to just give the status report.

The party line on album release is someday.

I know that sucks. Hell it sucks for us way more than you, we know how good it sounds and we just can't share yet. It's gotta be perfect. There will be no whines before their time.

We have no bookings as of this writing. I believe there will be a great big ol' party around Halloween, but details will follow. If you know of some where we should play, let us know. If there's somewhere we've played you wanna go to again, let us know. We really want to get a little spit shine on the show and have an album to get behind. There's some great things a brewing. A little patience, please. Keep watching here for a radio show Matt has spent some serious time on and he'll be gracious enough to let me in on, we'll be previewing some mixes on the disc in progress and getting into more detail.

It will be interactive and I'll send out an email and leave something here to let you know the time. Likely on a Mon or Wed night.

I'm trying to say that this is the regroup and bring out something better time. Can't thank you enough for your patience. Say something nice and I hope to see y'all very soon.

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