Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tomorrow (Monday Sept 17th,) 9pm

It's a world of possibilities. I'm here getting ready to make a foray into internet radio. What used to cost a ton to get into is desktop now. Tonight I'll be finally able to use all of my skepticism and disbelief to be supportive of Matt's search for a little more to this life instead of feeling like crapping of this stuff. I hate that I feel like I'm down on things when "I'm really very interested and behind him. Jay, too, but I'm even worse and getting my support level across with him.

Nevertheless, tonight I guest on CPIT's radio program and tomorrow at 9 we launch SST Radio. Matt did all the logistic work and put all the time in, much like our podcasts and to a great degree the entire aesthetic that SST is gaining, but I'm tagging along and this will be our first chance to get out some previews of this years work on the CD. Please listen from the link on (which currently is the myspace page). It's down a bit on the right, you need to click in from the Show Info button because we tagged it over 18 so I can say naughty words.

Join us, you can call in and ask a question or tell a story about something shitty I said or something.

See you there.

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