Saturday, August 21, 2010

I bet I know how you got here.

One Thing I'm gonna say is that Small Shiny Things never died. We're all alive and well and playing music in some form or another. At some place or another. A lot of times with each other. I'm finally updating this (it's May 21, 2012)

Chris plays when he can. He's currently making the Two Brothers Roundhouse into an amazing place to play and to see a band. He's in charge of the booking and events.  He finished up his masters. He's a badass. You'll see him out. Matt has a ton cooking, from radio to playing out and he works with a number of locals. He's with his son a lot of the time and the driving force behind Cynosure Radio. I'm not sure how he does what he does. I don't see him enough. Jay has a pretty full time gig with Mike Heaton. He's also subbing with a few others and doing the real shit out with the Lonesome Stranglers. If you wanna see us all together without instruments in our hands, The Lonesome Stranglers are a good bet for a show we'll be at. RD is busy, too. He's late, but man, he's, excuse me: we've beat that joke dead. He's playing with me in Meathawk and Debbie Does Covers in addition to working an absolute ton and finding time for family. Me? I'm just playing music and teaching guitar and mandolin. Always looking to work and hoping to see everyone out. 

But that's not why you're here. You came because you got a CD. Here's the story on that, you lovely, small, shiny folks...We recorded this some years ago. We got the artwork started and the tracking done and then we ran out of money for the project and then time as we decided not to be a playing out every weekend kinda band. Matt and I have been talking about this for the last few years, that we put together a pretty good disc. We're all pretty proud. I took it on myself today to start the guerrilla campaign to get those tunes out. Any donations are appreciated, but mostly we want you to hear the songs. The track info is below and I'll be building a page here for the disc when I get a few minutes. (update - did that. Look up above and click the word Illinois. -kt) I threw two extra tunes on there from some early SST roots days. Burn it. Rip it. Hand it out. Here's the disc info:


  1. The Things That We Carry 
  2. I  Love You in Blue
  3. Lost and Found
  4. KT
  5. Unarmored 
  6. Miranda 
  7. A Little While
  8. Song
  9. Glass
  10. Matter
  11. Polaroid
  12. Lost And Found
Recorded by Tony Montana @ Spiral Grooves Studios.

If you wanna stay in touch or say something nice you can email me and I'll forward it to the guys.



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