Do You Know Who We Think We Used To Be?

This is all the bio you're gonna get: 

Matt McCain - Loves Post HardCore and Hardcore. Worships secretly Elvis Costello, Ani DiFranco and Dashboard. Remembers everything. Don't argue with him. 

Ron Donavon - Bucky Donavon knows every goddamn C&W Tune his Daddy knew and a couple extra. Stones and art-y tunes from when "alternative" meant something. Swell guy. 

Jay Olaszek - Fan of bigger sounds and slicker production. Perfect pitch and harmony arranger; reaches into the Stax/Motown bag Whenever, Where ever. Knows everything. Everything. 

The Kevin Trudo - Well written songs and messy arrangements. Would rather be surprised by a shitty part than bored by a great one. Fucked up. Knows nothing. Dry Drunk. Avoid speaking to. 

Chris Bauler - More dramatic tastes; big arrangements and minor chords. Art tunes and Los Lobos. Undefinable. Vice-Swell guy. Most likely to maintain his friendship with you. It works.