The Story

You wanna know how we got here? Neither do I.

We played in a band for a long time. I won't say the name, Matt hates it. We're done with that and quit dancing on the ashes, already. But we did until some of us got sick, sick of it or sick of each other. It made some of us assholes. Think of if we'd really succeeded. So I won't mention it, but it's the root system; without it none of us would even know each other.

We fucked the same girls and danced and bitched about the drummer and played some real shit holes. We wrapped it up a couple of years after it was dead already.

But we missed each other. Most of each other, anyway and we got together and played some very wrong bluegrass until I got lonesome for drums and then we fought about change and then we did. We missed Matt and his asshole self, anyway. Turns out he's a great drummer and harmonies weren't the same with out him.

Now, it's a side project for all of us and our busy lives and playing schedules. It's the main thing, too, but we play when we feel like it. Sometimes amplified and sometimes all soft and purdy, but when two or more of us are together, it's Small Shiny Things. Thanks for listening.